Guida di Milano Servotecnica

The company

Since 1980, Servotecnica has been offering motion control and industrial automation solutions to companies all over the world. Thanks to the experience and skills gained over 40 years, they can support customers even in the most complex industries, through a wide range of products or solutions designed ad hoc.

Its prestigious headquarters, located in the province of Milan, has always played an important role in representing the identity and history of the brand, and periodically hosts various meetings with customers, suppliers, and distributors from all over the world.

The objectives of the project

Servotecnica turned to us to develop a corporate gadget to give to its guests at events or meetings. Far from being a simple gift, the gadget is actually a commercial tool and an essential “psychological lever” – those who receive it will tend to remember the company in question more easily, even after some time.

However, to avoid the risk of the object ending up in the bottom of a drawer, something useful and original must be offered. This is why we have worked on a proposal different from the usual pen or diary, with the ability to amaze the recipient and obtain the so-called “WOW factor”.

The proposed solution

The location of the corporate headquarters and the international origin of Servotecnica’s customers, distributors, and suppliers prompted our technical content creators to create a Milan tourist guide. This was a paper volume in pocket format, but complete with all the tips to make the most of the attractions offered by this city: clubs, restaurants, museums, and shops.

It was a particular and certainly useful gadget, capable of transforming a simple business trip into a pleasant and memorable experience.

The results achieved

All the guests who received the guide as a gift were enthusiastic and pleasantly surprised. Based on the information contained in the volume, many managed to organize some moments of leisure during their stay in Milan. Imagine associating your brand with an interesting and fun experience: is there a better way to stay in the head of a potential customer?

Guide of Milan by Servotecnica
Inside pages of the Milan City Guide
Inside pages of the Milan City Guide
Inside pages of the Milan City Guide

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