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The company

Servotecnica is an Italian company specializing in the distribution of technological solutions for industrial automation. For some years now, it has decided to start the production of items, thus opening the brand up to foreign trade. This choice required a partial internal reorganization and the allocation of new resources to product promotion activities.

The objectives of the project

The decision to position itself on the international motion control market required some marketing and sales tools to be designed from scratch. Servotecnica turned to us to create various product catalogs, providing essential support for the activities carried out by the company’s sales representatives.

The aim of the project was therefore to:

  • Organize and present the technical specifications of the solutions offered in a clear and effective way. This aspect is fundamental when addressing OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) designers, because it allows the latter to assess the suitability of a component relating to the industrial machinery they are designing.
  • Contribute to the positioning of products, demonstrating competence and technical know-how to customers.

The proposed solution

Marketing strategy development and creation of the catalogs required extensive research and collecting various “raw” components to be included (technical tables, mechanical drawings, commercial information, etc.), in which the various company departments were involved, from production to the sales team. Subsequently, we worked to refine and standardize the data in our possession, to make them as homogeneous and easy to understand as possible.

Finally, we dedicated ourselves to creating a graphic design consistent with the Servotecnica image and able to differentiate it from its competitors (colors, custom icons, fonts). The production of technical drawings and graphics relating to product performance was designed to convey key information in a clear and intuitive way.

Once the layout design was completed, printing techniques were selected capable of communicating the quality of the proposed solutions, such as the glossy screen printing used for the covers, or facilitating the use of the contents, such as the indexing of the various sections of the catalog.

The results

Creating the catalogs made it possible to effectively present the new products to the pool of potential customers. Including detailed technical drawings and graphs regarding the performance of each item made it possible to effectively and quickly highlight the main features and performances.

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Inside pages of the catalog
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