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The company

Servotecnica is an Italian company founded in 1980, specializing in the distribution and production of industrial automation solutions used in various production areas.

After launching a new corporate website and some online advertising campaigns, the company began receiving numerous requests for quotations for one of their best-selling products, Slip Rings.

Objectives of the project

To manage the large number of requests more quickly and efficiently, it was necessary to develop a tool capable of performing two main functions:

  • Supporting salespeople in compiling specific part numbers, in order to create a precise and reliable quote;
  • Allowing more experienced users to independently generate a request for a specific part number, without necessarily having to contact the company’s customer service.

The proposed solution

TUNE IND. has developed a configurator for both internal and external use, designed to define the product in several steps.

  • 1st step: Through a filter the user defines the limits of its application, whether they are mechanical (e.g.: internal and external diameter) or electrical (e.g.: current, number of circuits, etc.). In this way, it filters the most compliant solutions among over 2000 database models.
  • 2nd step: Then the user can evaluate multiple options with each other thanks to the comparator, which allows you to compare the specifications of multiple models at a glance.
  • 3rd step: The last step allows the user to send a request for a quote to the sales office for the part numbers obtained.

The results

Releasing the product configurator on the Servotecnica website made it possible to receive more qualified requests for quotes and to streamline the budgeting phase, drastically reducing the response times of the sales department. Optimizing these processes has in turn translated into an advantage over the competition. In a highly competitive market, providing a quick response can make all the difference, as the prospect’s search for alternative solutions is prematurely interrupted.

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