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Servotecnica, founded in 1980, specializes in the production and distribution of high-tech industrial automation solutions. Thanks to their extensive experience in the field of motion control and the support of a highly qualified technical department, the company can offer innovative and customized products based on customer requests.

The objectives of the project

For the website’s visual communication design, we considered two main needs:

  • Creating a platform capable of communicating the company’s extensive technical know-how in the motion control field. It is the value most recognized by customers, since the adoption of the proposed technological solutions allows them to obtain a significant competitive advantage in the market;
  • Show the wide range of products in the catalog by offering the user the opportunity to view the entire portfolio “at a glance”, and then possibly deepen the specifications of each individual item.

Creating a customized product selector provides the user with a preview of the entire catalog. At the same time, it allows you to access the detail pages containing the documentation and specifications concerning each item in a few clicks. The layout of the pages that display the products belonging to the same category has been designed to highlight the main characteristics of each, favoring faster and more intuitive navigation.

The graphic design was designed to effectively convey the Servotecnica brand identity and make using the site more pleasant.

The results

Thanks to its navigability and the effective presentation of company products, the website has generated many qualified contact requests, recording an increase in new users and new sessions equal to 200%.

“The lead generation activity has allowed us to intercept a wider audience and turn it into highly qualified business opportunities.”

“The success of the project made it necessary to introduce figures halfway between marketing and sales specializing in the qualification of leads and in offering initial feedback, to then direct it to the most suitable sales technician by area and competence.”

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